My husband and I have been working privately with Amy for over a year now and could not recommend her highly enough as a personal fitness professional.  From the very beginning, Amy has been wonderful about creating challenging, effective workouts for both of us.  She is always careful to listen closely to our needs and customize our workouts to give us an optimal exercise program.  Best of all, Amy is always positive and encouraging, offering helpful advice and a boost of motivation whenever necessary. 

In addition to being a wonderful personal trainer, Amy makes it easy to book appointments that are convenient for us.  She even comes to my workplace to run an exercise program for my co-workers and I, bringing along all the free weights, mats, and other equipment we need for a successful workout.  I truly believe that all you need to be successful with Amy is a positive attitude and willingness to work hard - my husband and colleagues wholeheartedly agree!


A+ Fitness

My name is Cameron.  I am 14, and a freshman in high school.  As an eighth grader I made the decision to play football for my high school freshman team.  I wasn't as big as the actual freshman, so I thought I could use some extra help from a trainer, and my parents hired Amy.  Over the next several weeks she helped me workout with a variety of exercises that focused on all major muscle groups.  When the sessions were over and the season started, I felt like I could compete with even the biggest guys on the field.  That season I got a lot of playing time, which was one of my goals for that year.  Amy was a big factor of my success, and I truly recommend her.



A+ Fitness

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